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The Biggie Group was born in 2022 from the merger of Gamned! and Repeat to create a European leader in multi-channel digital marketing consulting and brand activation.

Founded in 2009, Gamned is a major player in programmatic digital advertising, present in France, Switzerland, Benelux, Brazil, Italy, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. We invested alongside the founders, who have demonstrated their ability to meet the demands of a dynamic market, driven by the growing quantity and complexity of digital levers available and the trend towards outsourcing of programmatic marketing activities by advertisers, both in France and abroad.

Founded in 2006, Repeat was the leading independent media agency in France. The recent merger marks an important step in establishing Gamned! as a 360° digital media expert, reinforcing its position on digital channels (search, social media, display) and offline.

Our investment will support growth for the group, which aims to rapidly become a European leader in marketing consulting and multi-channel digital activation. This strategic objective is carried by the continued development of existing high value-add expertise in maximizing clients’ performance and an ambitious strategy of international development.

World in Words - Biggie_MD
World in Words - Biggie_MD
World in Words - Biggie_MD

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  • Anthony Spinasse
    [General Manager]
  • Patrick Caetano
  • Damien Mora
    [VP Operations & Tech]
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