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Created in France in 2016, following the breakup of the Tokheim Group and active in 30 countries across Europe and Africa, TSG designs, builds and maintains energy distribution infrastructure for mobility. Since 2018, the Group has extended its expertise, initially focused on traditional energies, to new energy sources: electricity, gas, biofuels and hydrogen.

In September 2020, HLD acquired a majority stake in TSG alongside the management team in view to supporting TSG’s multi-energy development strategy. the Group’s European presence, its established relationships with major players in the sector and its reputation make it the ideal candidate to capitalize on opportunities afforded by the energy transition.

We have been working with the management team to make TSG a key player in the transition, and a benchmark for the sector in terms of CSR, with a specific focus on accelerating the development of green energy for mobility.

HLD’s entrepreneurial DNA is a great asset as we transform TSG into a key player of the energy transition. The pragmatism of the teams working with management and their support for our M&A policy are crucial to consolidating TSG’s European leadership position.
Jean-Marc Bianchi [CEO]
ESG Trajectory
A cross between HLD and TSG
ESG Trajectory
A cross between HLD and TSG

Current initiatives

  • Innovation and product roadmap

    Strengthening the management team with roles critical to the Group’s transition to new energies for mobility.
  • Organic growth

    Doubling the number of technical and commercial teams working on new energies for mobility and establishing strategic partnerships with key players in the relevant ecosystems.
  • External growth

    Amping up the external growth policy implemented by the M&A team.
  • ESG

    Reinforcing the CSR policy and implementing of an action plan to make TSG a leading player in this field.
  • Operational excellence

    Pursuit of the operational excellence policy: management of technicians’ rounds, purchasing, spare parts logistics, digitalization of internal processes.
  • Innovation and product roadmap

    Diversification of the product offering underway to establish the company as the one-stop-shop for technical services related to mobility.

Achievements to date

  • +24
    24 acquisitions, primarily in new energy sources for mobility.
  • +10%
    10% annual organic growth in sales.
  • +80%
    80% CAGR in new energy sales over last 3 years
  • +50 000
    +50,000 electric charging points installed/maintained since the acquisition.
  • -40%
    - 40% in the severity of accidents in the past 3 years thanks to an improved oversight HSSE policy.

Latest news

In 2024, TSG is pursuing its development trajectory in France and internationally to accelerate the energy transition for mobility, relying on the development of its expertise around renewable and low-carbon solutions as well as on organic growth of over 10% per year. The Group's transformation over the last 3 years, combined with the 20 acquisitions made over the last 24 months, have positioned TSG as the European leader in technical services for responsible mobility solutions.
In 2023, TSG, a key player in the energy transition for mobility, is strengthening its expertise in renewable and low-carbon solutions while increasing its international reach. The Group, which is strongly committed to ESG, is relying on the 20 acquisitions of the last 24 months and organic growth of over 10% to deploy its development strategy.
TSG reinforces and accelerates its development in the electrical vehicles offer with acquisition in Italy, Spain, in North Europe and UK.
Driven by the dynamism of the new mobility energy market, TSG continues its organic growth trajectory, makes a significant series of acquisitions in Europe and improves its CSR performance.