52 Entertainment

52 Entertainment
Tech, Media & Telecommunication
200 employees
players in the community
15 million

Initially positioned on online bridge, 52 Entertainment has become over the last decade the specialist in online mind games, diversifying into belote, canasta, tarot or even online sailing with Virtual Regatta.

The story of 52 Entertainment began in 2016, when HLD decided to support the development of the online bridge brand Funbridge, seduced by the resilience of its fundamentals: an affluent, subscribed and loyal clientele in a relatively protected market where online practice remained marginal. Capitalizing on Funbridge's strong positions in Europe, the group then built global leadership with the acquisition of BBO (Bridge Based Online) in 2018. The group has considerably strengthened its value proposition for bridge players, diversifying its game modes, and developing an online tournament offering for physical bridge clubs. Building on its success in its core business, the group then diversified rapidly through an ambitious external growth strategy, making a dozen acquisitions in less than five years in the world of mind games. Since we took a stake in the company, we have been working actively with the management to support its external growth strategy and to increase the transversality of expertise within the group.

The company is now the world leader in online bridge and sailing, and offers ten mind game platforms in 180 countries.

52 Entertainment has grown rapidly over the last few years, both organically and externally. At each stage, HLD has always been able to react quickly to opportunities that emerged while leaving us the autonomy necessary to manage the company.
Olivier Comte [CEO]

Ongoing actions

  • Operational excellence

    Strengthening digital marketing capabilities by hiring data analysts, implementing digital KPIs, tracking player cohorts, and optimizing the buying tunnel.
  • Organic growth

    Development of community and social networking skills
  • External growth

    Diversification into mind games through an M&A strategy targeting products with a strong community dimension.
  • Innovation and product roadmap

    Provision of new game modes on the bridge vertical (live game, competition mode, e-learning modules, etc.).
  • Operational excellence

    Complete overhaul of the applications and technical infrastructure of the platforms to improve the customer experience.
  • ESG

    Formalization of the CSR policy: scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon assessment and carbon emission reduction plan, waste management, employee training.

How far we have come

  • +9
    acquisitions in the field of other mind games to diversify the activity
  • 1000+
    More than 1,000 partnerships with bridge clubs
  • 25
    Extension of the service to 25 countries
  • x12
    The turnover has increased by 12 times since 2018
  • 30
    More than 30 mind games currently in portfolio
  • +10
    10 new partnerships with federations since 2020

Latest news

52 Entertainment continues to grow and strengthen its position in board and card games.
The acquisition of Virtual Regatta marks a major step in 52 Entertainment's development towards online games with a strong community dimension. The company's offer is being expanded through external growth and the community of players is growing.
Club closures due to the health crisis are bringing in a flood of online bridge players as 52 Entertainment launches in China and expands its offering to other games.
Acquisitions are strengthening 52 Entertainment's content offering as the management transition comes to a successful conclusion.
Funbridge becomes the world leader in online bridge with the acquisition of BBO.
In the wake of the acquisition, Funbridge professionalized its team and its processes, overhauled its offer and began to digitalize its marketing approach.