HLD for the Mediterranean, sponsorship for the common good

Beyond the ESG objectives and initiatives shared within the Group, HLD has chosen to get involved in the preservation of the Mediterranean. This sponsorship initiated in 2018 thus responds to a growing environmental emergency, but also to a deep conviction shared by Jean-Bernard Lafonta, the partners and employees of the Group.
November 22, 2022
Fonds HLD Méditerranée

Why choose the Mediterranean?

While social, educational and cultural causes are widely supported by corporate philanthropy, the environment (including the marine environment), with only 7% of investments*, is the "poor relation".
"When you love the Mediterranean, you cannot remain insensitive to the degradation of its biodiversity and its landscapes," explains Jean-Bernard Lafonta. "We have a duty to act, on our own scale and with our own resources, in the face of the effects of anthropological pressure and climate change on this exceptional natural heritage. As in the case of investments, HLD intends to have a measurable impact and is therefore focusing its philanthropic project on the Mediterranean to give it greater strength.

A structuring and involving project

With nearly €300,000 per year, the HLD Endowment Fund for the Mediterranean selects and supports ambitious and innovative projects with high potential.
Whether it involves awareness-raising, research, education or concrete actions in the field, HLD provides financial support and makes available some of the Group's skills to participate in the sustainable protection of the Mediterranean.
"Our entrepreneurial and financial expertise enables us to support our associative partners in a structured and sustainable way," continues Jean-Bernard Lafonta. "This double sponsorship makes sense and echoes our investments. It commits us and strengthens our ambition. As for the Group's companies, we are giving our partners the necessary means and time to ensure that the projects we support have a significant impact on the marine environment."

An incredible collective energy

Mediterranean Festival, restoration and development of the marine turtle pavilion of the CestMed, Plastic Art Fair, Reef saver, Floating Reef, educational kit around the film "Mediterranean, odyssey for life" ... the projects are not lacking!
"We are fortunate to have partners and volunteers who are very involved, innovative and willing," says Jean-Bernard Lafonta.
Today, and beyond the occasional initiatives supported, HLD for the
méditerranée mainly accompanies :
- GIS Posidonie in the framework of the Floating Reef project
- Mare Vivu for the reprocessing of plastic waste (Low Tech Plastic)
- MerTerre with the Adopt'1 Spot program for beach cleaning
- Pure Ocean to source and support the best applied research programs (including 3D-4-SEAC to map the ocean floor)
- Fondation de la Mer for research, various initiatives to restore the Mediterranean ecosystem and the SOS Coral project.
The HLD selection committee for the Mediterranean is thus involved with associations to detect impactful projects and make possible numerous actions in the field (find the partnerships and programs supported onhttps://groupehld.com/fr/fonds-hld-mediterranee).

HLD is proud to make its contribution to preserving the Mediterranean because, as Jean-Bernard Lafonta explains, "This collective energy is incredible and reinforces our choices: we must play our part alongside our partners by supporting, steering and accompanying this formidable community in the service of the common good.

*(Admical, barometer of corporate sponsorship)