We are a private equity group supporting European entrepreneurial journey with high growth potential.
Amount invested per participation
  • 25–500 M€
Geographical area
  • Europe

A taste for entrepreneurship

HLD Group brings together a shareholder base composed of some 30 families, most of which are responsible for the success of major companies in Europe and around the world. To promote this entrepreneurial culture, we give priority to the operational development of our companies over financial engineering.
Jean-Marc Bianchi



HLD's entrepreneurial DNA is a major asset in successfully transforming TSG into a key player in the energy transition. The pragmatism of the team in working with management and supporting our M&A policy are crucial to the consolidation of TSG's European leadership.

Agility in decision-making

HLD's organization is designed to make decisions quickly. This is an asset that allows us to seize opportunities and avoid hindering the development of our portfolio companies when they need to react quickly.
Olivier Comte


52 Entertainment

52 Entertainment has grown rapidly over the last few years, both organically and externally. At each stage, HLD has always been able to react quickly to opportunities that emerged while leaving us the autonomy necessary to manage the company.

Responsibility as a driver

Our investment approach aims to develop companies that succeed in the long-term. HLD Group is therefore committed to a proactive ESG approach in partnership with the management team of each company in its portfolio.
Claire Fistarol

Chairman of the Board


Since 2010, we have been committed to combining technological development and economic growth while taking into account the social, societal and environmental impact of our activities. We have chosen to partner with HLD because they share this long-term and responsible vision of our company.