Santé Cie

Santé Cie
350 M€
2,400 employees
Patients accompanied each year
400 000
Reducing the group's carbon footprint by 4% between 2020 and 2021

Founded in 2015, Santé Cie is a public health service company specializing in community health professions.

Its main areas of activity are home healthcare, dialysis treatment and unscheduled care throughout France. The group also has a significant presence in Germany.

Santé Cie's mission is to serve the public health needs of more than 400,000 patients each year and to be a strong link in the healthcare chain, at the crossroads of hospital and community medicine.

Aware of Santé Cie's social responsibility, the Group's 2,400 employees are committed to providing a local healthcare service that combines technical excellence and humanity to meet the needs of patients in France and Europe.

HLD sold the majority of its capital to the Ardian investment fund in March 2020, alongside which it remains invested. We continue to support management's strategy of consolidating the market in France and Europe and improving the healthcare offering for patients.

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