Santé Cie

350 M€
2,298 employees
Patients accompanied each year
A 4% reduction in the Group's carbon footprint between 2020 and 2021

Santé Cie is the second largest provider of home healthcare services in France. The company installs the medical equipment necessary to provide treatment in patients' homes and provides a range of associated services (training, support and monitoring of patients, coordination of healthcare professionals, information sharing with the doctor in charge, etc.). Since 2020, the company has been present in Germany following the acquisition of Aposan.

Santé Cie was formed from the merger of IP Santé and AMS Médical in 2016. The company has established itself as a leader in the home healthcare segment by offering a broad range of healthcare services and a complete geographic coverage. It is actively playing the role of consolidator in a sector that is still highly fragmented, making an average of five acquisitions per year since 2016. After extending its offer to the entire range of French protocols applicable to post-outpatient surgery, the company is now developing a home dialysis offer.

HLD sold the majority of its capital to the Ardian investment fund in March 2020, with whom it remains a co-investor. We continue to support management's strategy of consolidating the market in France and Europe and improving the Group's healthcare offer for patients.

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