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Safety Systems Group
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80% of products manufactured in Europe (France and Portugal)

Founded in 2005 by Fabien Pierlot and Jean-Marc Van Laethem, Safety Systems Group is a European pioneer in connected services for motorists. The Group offers drivers a solution for locating and recovering stolen vehicles as well as real-time driving assistance that includes navigation. Safety Systems Group is also one of the largest European aggregators of traffic data. The group is known by the general public and commercial clients for its brands Coyote, Coyote Secure and Coyote Business.

In 2014, HLD supported the founders in a management buyout to regain control of the company. From a historical position on the driver assistance market with a dominant position in France, Spain, Italy and Benelux. HLD and the management team worked to diversify the range of services offered. In 2018, the company acquired Traqueur, specialized in car and construction equipment tracking. The integration of this company into Safety Systems Group has enabled the development of two services: Coyote Secure (geolocation and post-theft recovery service) and Coyote Business (a commercial fleet management solution for businesses).

Since 2014, Safety Systems Group has continued investing in R&D, forging strategic partnerships to enrich the user experience. HLD and the management team aim to accelerate the roll-out of Coyote Secure in Europe and enhance the service offering with new services related to mobility.

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