Laboratoires SVR

500 employees
Retail network
3,300 pharmacies and drugstores
100% biodegradable suncare products

Founded in 1962, Laboratoires SVR is a French dermocosmetics brand that designs, manufactures and distributes dermocosmetic products through pharmacies and selective networks. The company is present in over 75 countries via six subsidiaries. SVR’s positioning in the dermocosmetics market is highly differentiating, with a strong brand image built around “clean beauty” and glamour that works.

Identified in 2014 while it was placed under safeguard proceedings, we identified the brand as having significant development potential, notably due to its historical positioning as a leading pharmacy brand.

Alongside Didier Tabary, HLD carried out reorganization and operational restructuring across the Group. Product range (redesign, reformulation, etc.) and brand image were both a focus of in-depth work. Today, SVR is one of France’s most successful pharmacy brands.


Laboratoires SVR
  • Benoit Beyls
  • Séverine Gisserot