Inflation, a collective challenge!

At a time when inflation is affecting all European economies, HLD is bringing together its holdings to share the most virtuous practices of the group's companies and thus initiate an inspired, collective and constructive approach to ensure growth!
November 30, 2022

Inflation is back in Europe and is a major concern for a large number of companies in France, which must now work with this variable that impacts their profitability, their production capacity and, ultimately, the distribution of their products and services to end customers. In this context, HLD brought together all its holdings on November 24 to share a delicate situation and to allow all the companies in the portfolio to benefit from the experience, perspective and best practices of a Group that is resolutely inspiring and supportive!

Benefit from the resources and strength of a group

Coming from very different industries or trades, the companies of the HLD Group are all impacted by the rise of inflation in their sector, as is the case for the entire global economic landscape. However, unlike many players in their sector, the Group's companies are not alone in facing a growing issue in their ecosystem. In order to understand the mechanism at work and to better address the major challenges ahead, the HLD Group has mobilized all of its participants to share both enlightening observations and best practices that can often be duplicated.

Inform before you inspire

To enable each company in the group to take effective measures to ensure not only the sustainability, but also the growth of their activities, HLD called on the LEK firm (strategy consulting). This first part of the exchange allowed us to share the results of a study conducted with more than 1000 companies in Europe to understand the inflationary trajectory that our continent is taking and the immediate and tangible impacts that the companies of the group must expect in the next few years?

This insight, the starting point of a constructive exchange, offered an objective reading of the current situation, of the issues at stake in the future, but also of the basis of the challenges linked to inflation that our societies must and will have to face in the future.

Sharing to move forward

Built in two parts, this evening of exchange was followed by a round table around which the companies Kiloutou, Photonis and BA&SH shared their vision and their difficulties, as well as their practices and their successes.

Whatever the sector or the maturity of the company, inflation impacts all levels of the company: from procurement to human resources, from supply chain to pricing, no dimension is spared!

Also, it is interesting and inspiring in a group such as HLD to share the approach of each one and to draw the right lessons from it: diversification of suppliers, procurement, price repercussion, renegotiation clause, talent management, mobilization of the management, piloting of the indicators, sobriety, ... all the subjects have been tackled! Of course, not all of them found immediate answers, but this evening illustrates once again the vision, the involvement and the ambition of HLD: to give impetus to a dynamic and to allow the 21 companies of the Portfolio to find within the group the resources and the inspiration necessary for success!

HLD intends to play a decisive role in this and many other areas and to give its companies the means to meet the challenges of our time and to shape the future in a sustainable way.