David Guffroy takes over as CEO of Sodel Group

A French specialist in the formulation, manufacture and marketing (under the Exeol brand) of hygiene and disinfection products for professionals, Sodel has entered a new era since Groupe HLD acquired a majority stake in 2021.. 18 months later, following Vincent Bellette's work on structuring, recruiting and certification, David Guffroy takes over the management of the company to open a new page in the Group's adventure.
July 5, 2023

Sodel, French excellence

Founded in 1971, Sodel is one of the very first companies in its sector to have obtained (EU) 2017/745 Medical Device Regulation (MDR) certification, the cornerstone of the growth project defined by Management and the HLD Group. In this way, true to its values of excellence and innovation, Sodel will be able to accelerate its development in the healthcare sector, both in France and internationally, in an increasingly restrictive and demanding regulatory environment.

With a strong ambition for growth in a consolidating market, the success of this industrial project requires considerable investment, the mobilization of all teams... and the recognized determination of David Guffroy, the new CEO appointed at the beginning of June.

The power of an "operational vision”

"David Guffroy's pragmatism and culture of performance are undeniable assets in the face of the challenges ahead," says Julie le Goff, Director in charge of the investment. Indeed, in 25 years of experience, David Guffroy has built up solid expertise in French and international markets, in operations, distribution and transformation to shape sustainable growth.

With a strong commitment to results, David Guffroy has always led company development, drawing on his managerial skills, a keen sense of the human factor at the heart of every project, and a highly operational approach to deploying his vision.

His experience with groups such as MAPA-SPONTEX, RFS WORLD and ADOVA GROUP, as well as his role as CEO of the LE BELIER Group, will be key assets in driving the Sodel project and accelerating the Group's sales momentum.

"The Group's industrial project and the progress we've made to date give us great ambition, and the first structuring contracts in the healthcare sector are very encouraging. We have the means to pursue a remarkable adventure, and I am convinced that with the energy of all our employees, the strengthening of our R&D and sales teams, our new "Best-in-class" product range, and the support of the HLD Group, we will very quickly make Sodel a leading European player in the medical hygiene and disinfection segment" concludes David Guffroy.