Agefi: Cédric Chateau and Jean-Hubert Vial outline the meteoric rise of Exosens

3 years after its acquisition by HLD, Agefi Private Equity takes a look back at the spectacular rise of Exosens (ex-Photonis), a French company and European leader in high-precision electro-optical technologies, in an interview with Cédric Chateau (Chairman of the HLD Investment Committee) and Jean-Hubert Vial (Partner in charge of the deal). Groupe HLD's support has played a major role in the growth of Exosens, which is set to double its turnover between 2021 and 2023 (from €150m to €300m), as well as in the company's strategic transformation to diversify its activities around the life sciences, industry and nuclear sectors. In this article by Asmae Kaddouri, find out more about the remarkable entrepreneurial adventure of Exosens which, with the support of Groupe HLD, has also enabled France to retain its sovereignty over a strategic asset.
April 3, 2024