HLD ESG Report: Overview of a collective commitment

The HLD Group ESG report (October 2023 edition) has just been published! With its growing commitment to a structured ESG approach, this report reveals both the ambition and the pragmatic approach of Groupe HLD, which has been integrating this dimension into its investment strategy for over 5 years. Discover the Group's ESG vision, commitments and positions in a series of enlightening interviews with cedric chateau and robert dennewald, emilie bobin and cedric boxberger, constance laneque and jean-bernard lafonta. On 52 pages, discover the initiatives and key figures of the Group's companies, as well as the trajectories of BA&SH, TSG, 52 Entertainment and Kiloutou; 4 participations that embody the exemplarity of certain companies in their industry. Thank you to all the HLD teams and Group companies who are mobilizing, sharing and innovating to develop a virtuous and constructive emulation.
November 7, 2023

Découvrir le rapport ESG HLD : https://lc.cx/3hpS2i