Cyber security, HLD chooses the collective

Control of IT assets, identity and access management or data protection, Cyber risks are growing and no company can now do without a real strategy. Positioned in various fields of activity, with different needs and maturity in this field, HLD participations are no exception..
September 23, 2022
Team and organization
Sharing singular issues to build a common strategy

With portfolio companies such as SSG, which manages 5 billion pieces of reprocessed data each month, 52 Entertainment, which manages a huge community of gamers in 180 countries, and MVG, which works with highly sensitive industries such as aerospace and telecoms, HLD Group has placed cyber security at the heart of its roadmap.

Julien Cordouan, Head of business and digital operations, has been working on this issue since his arrival last October to limit this growing risk for the business.

In less than 10 months, HLD has identified the expectations and issues of its participants to deploy a common approach and allow each company to benefit from best practices based on the best recommendations of ANSSI and NIST: passive scanning of assets, penetration tests, CERT, backup strategy ....

To go further, during the "Cyber Day" organized by HLD on September 23, the referents of the 17 participating organizations defined together their challenges for 2023:

1) Strengthen asset protection with strong and easy multi-factor authentication (MFA) for employees

2) Implement Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tailored to mid-sized HDH companies for employee PCS protection

To accompany is to build together!

More than a "philosophy" or a promise, support is at the core of HLD's investment project. Therefore, the group places itself as close as possible to the concerns of its companies in order to give them the means to meet their extra-financial challenges.

In this context, the portfolio companies benefit from the power of a group capable of federating, on behalf of its holdings, key partners such as SecurityScoreCard for assessments, SoSafe for training, Advens for intrusion testing and Almond for incident response.

But support also means transversality and HLD's ability to mobilize the community of its participants so that the "less armed" can benefit from the experience and expertise of the more mature!

On September 23, the high level of technicality of the exchanges encouraged the participants to create a dedicated inter-participation group to share their progress as well as their difficulties and to continue to progress, together, on the subject of Cyber security.

This is also the HLD community!