Ba&sh, a committed player at the heart of change in its industry!

Raw materials are a major issue for the textile industry, and Ba&sh has long been committed to limiting its impact and promoting a responsible approach throughout its supply chain.
April 22, 2024

Already a member of the CanopyStyle initiatives on viscose (objective: 100% of viscose fibers from "Canopy-friendly" suppliers by 2024), Ba&sh continues to source low-impact Next Gen fibers and is committed to regenerative agriculture with NATIVA™. With this partnership, the brand aims to integrate 30% regenerative wool into its collections by the end of 2025 and actively participate in the transformation of its supply chain. Well done to Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, Barbara Boccara, Sharon Krief, Dan Arrouas and their teams, who propose a forward-looking and responsible vision of growth in their industry.